Opera 3 is accounting software with a difference – it offers unbeatable inter-departmental integration and knowledge sharing. Opera 3 can give everyone in your organization a unified view of the business. It has been designed to ensure it is easy to learn and use. The way Opera 3 delivers the required information at the right time allows fully informed decision making. Flexibility comes as standard. Its modular applications, features, customization, configuration and setup options allow you to build the perfect accounting software solution you need to suit your particular business. It means you can buy what you need, when you need it, and can expand the solution as your business grows.

Financials are the core of any accounting software, whatever its size. With Opera 3 you can continually track your revenue and when it is due. Equally importantly you can be reminded regarding how much you owe and when you owe it. Visibility of cash flows helps immensely with generating profits and being able to produce management accounts as the month ends is just what senior management expects nowadays.

Our applications in this area of the system includes
Sales Ledger
Purchase Ledger
Nominal Ledger
Fixed Assets
Job Costing

Job Costing which is part of our financials suite allows you to track costs and revenues against budgets, and you can break down costs against a variety of categories including Labour, Contractor, Direct Expense, Stock and Interim Billing. Group Jobs under contract headings or post against optional phases, and stay easily in control!

  Supply Chain Management  
In Opera 3, Purchase orders, Invoices, Delivery Notes & Statements can be batch created as PDFs and e-mailed directly from within the system.

Opera 3 is a powerful tool for retaining customer loyalty and increasing levels of customer satisfaction. In Opera 3 you can readily manage purchase orders, and respond to demand for products and pricing, quickly and efficiently, preparing quotes in the system, then progressing those quotes to Sales Orders, Delivery Notes and Invoices – all without ever having to re-enter information,- this greatly speeds up the process and eliminates human error.

Our SOP (sales order processing) application offers multiple price lists, customer priorities, product specific discounts and Repeat Invoicing to save you time and money.

Our POP (purchase order processing) application swiftly generates all documents for the whole purchase process. The system can even create purchase orders automatically when ‘out of stock’ items are sold. Unapproved documents can be optimized and progressed to a single authorized purchase order, saving you time and money.

Our Stock Control application supports multi-warehouses and various stock costing methods. Our powerful stock tracking system supports both serial number and batch tracking . The system also manages preferred suppliers, lead times, re-order levels and minimum stock quantities.

Our Bill of Materials application provides fast and accurate manufacturing information, including work in progress, assembly structure detail and assembly cost reports. It also supports automatic works order generation sourced from sales orders or warehouse re-order levels.

  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  
Historically, CRM and Accounting Software were two separate, specialized applications. In Opera 3, implementing CRM into the core accounting system is a snap, it is simply a application that is integrated directly into the accounting software.

Our CRM application allows you to not only generate and manage prospects and customers, but also to effectively manage your relationship with these prospects so that they become customers. It helps you make sure that you never miss an opportunity or lose sight of a customer.

Managing sales opportunities and converting them into sales: that’s what running a business is all about. Once a prospect becomes a customer, you can continue to log activity such as mailings, conversations, tasks and promotions. Opera 3 CRM integrates with MS Outlook®, Excel® and Word® so that you can manage your customer and prospect communications.

  Service & Help Desk management  
After the sales cycle is completed offering exceptional after-sales service and care is vital for long term customer retention. The Service and Helpdesk management application in Opera 3 provides a central point for recording problems, change requests, installation, preventive maintenance visits, service contracts and SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).

Activities such as site visits & help desk calls can be logged against the relevant contract so that a full history is compiled and stored for easy access when needed. Additionally, time and parts used in Service and Helpdesk management can be progressed to invoices in the accounting system.

Opera 3 Service & Helpdesk Management is full of clever ways to make your life easier, and keep customers happy.

  Business Intelligence  
Pegasus XRL (eXcel Reporting Layer):
Is an award winning add-in to Microsoft Excel. With it you have easy access to information held within the Opera 3 accounting software and you can analyze, manipulate and report using the Excel interface you are already familiar with. The reports you use can be saved for future use and will refresh at the click of a button to provide the most up to date information.

Pegasus Dashboards:
Displaying key information from the Opera 3 accounting software in real time, the Dashboards give you an accurate and up to the minute visual representation of the current state of your business. Having this data in front of you enables you to make right decisions at the right time.

Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM):
PIM sends pop up-messages (or emails) to your desktop or any designated person on your network. Triggering messages can be controlled by precise business rules, timed events or specific topics. Alerts can also be sent to a specified group of people.

  Document Management  
Document management captures all your essential business documents and stores them electronically. It Integrates across all applications in the Opera 3 accounts software so that you can securely store any type of document relating to any type of transaction. The whole process cuts down on the use of paper as well as the time spent searching through paper archives. Thus, Document Management is both environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Our manufacturing suite is called OPERAtions. It processes all relevant data from quotations through to sales orders and scheduling, through MRP and production, to delivery and invoicing. This enables you to assess profit, match purchase orders against goods coming in, and quickly and actively manage stock, all with just a few clicks. Stock is the core to any manufacturing business. Our system uses multi-level Bill of Materials to define items to be manufactured, and shop floor routing to generate works orders. Our system offers full traceability which is especially critical in some environments.

Our Construction Industry Solution (CIS) helps you manage your construction projects easily, ensuring that you bring them in on time and within budget. When it comes to contract purchasing, it comes into its own, making short work of purchase orders, goods received notes, purchase invoices and committed costs.

Every business is unique with individual requirements. That is why Opera 3 accounting software has been designed to be completely flexible and highly customizable. This can include anything from fields and form design right through to complete systems that sit with your Opera 3 framework. Customizations can be made to look totally seem-less with all updating and validating of data built in as standard. There are many developers around the world and so the database of applications available to Opera 3 users is growing monthly. It’s your business. It’s your Opera 3.

  Purchasing Opera 3:
Enjoy great savings with our integrated solution and get the essential applications you need from the start. Or you can pick from a full list of applications and add more users and companies as your business grows. Outright purchase is the popular option but our accounting software is available through a rental agreement to be paid monthly to enable you to better manage your cash flow.

With Opera 3, power and peace of mind come as standard. Click here to download our PDF brochure